Friday, July 11, 2014

Warning: Prevent Elegant Money Gambling house – Possible Scam

Recently we obtained an on the internet casino issue from a gamer asking for our help in gathering a $1,800 payment he won at Elegant Money casino. On July Tenth the gamer presented a payment demand from Elegant Money and now exactly one 30 days later the gamer has yet to get a penny of his profits.

To the gamer’s credit, he has sent in all needed records necessary for the casino to procedure a payment of his profits.

Player has offered us with the actual duplicates of what was sent to Elegant Money Gambling house, all documentation display the gamers identification and as far as what we obtained offered enough information to confirm the player’s identification. The gamer has even gone so far as to have sent his shaded records to the casino from a third celebration, which are the same set of duplicated records he offered us to demonstrate conformity, the records are in shade and absolutely readable.

As a suggest for the gamer we have tried several efforts, to get in touch with the casino assistance and every e-mail has been ignored. We are providing a caution to gamers and also in the desires that Elegant Money will see the mistake of their ways and will hopefully try to fix the scenario.

Please be cautioned that Elegant Money on the online casinos has been included to or casino issue list and is extremely likely advancing towards our blacklist of on the internet casinos frauds.